New media literacies

This from the MacArthur Foundation outlines 11 new skills regarding media literacies.  Although the article is geared toward children, the skills seem quite useful for college-aged students and older adults (IMHO).

Play — the capacity to experiment with one’s surroundings as a form of problem solving;

Performance — the ability to adopt alternative identities for the purpose of improvisation and discovery;

Simulation — the ability to interpret and construct dynamic models of real-world processes;

Appropriation — the ability to meaningfully sample and remix media content;

Multitasking — the ability to scan one’s environment and shift focus as needed to salient details;

Distributed Cognition — the ability to interact meaningfully with tools that expand mental capacities;

Collective Intelligence — the ability to pool knowledge and compare notes with others toward a common goal;

Judgment — the ability to evaluate the reliability and credibility of different information sources;

Transmedia Navigation — the ability to follow the flow of stories and information across multiple modalities;

Networking — the ability to search for, synthesize, and disseminate information;

Negotiation — the ability to travel across diverse communities, discerning and respecting multiple perspectives, and grasping and following alternative norms.


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