Intro to Lauri Lyons lecture this afternoon

We’re pleased to have Lauri Lyons here today to speak in conjunction with the exhibition of her photographs on display at the Brush Art Gallery.  She will be speaking about two related projects, one called “Flag: An American Story” and the other “Flag International.”

From 1995-2000, Lauri traveled across the United States to interview people about what they thought was America.  Each person would reflect upon this and write their comments in one of her journals.  Afterwards, she would photograph them with an American flag.

Later, in 2007, she went to Europe to investigate how the international community views the United States in the 21st century.  Similarly, each subject was approached on the street and handed a sketchbook to write his or her views of America.  Each was given an American flag, and people posed however they felt comfortable.

Works from both projects are presented in the exhibition here at St. Lawrence.

Lauri has produced and photographed essays in Brazil, Mexico, West Africa, and the United States, which have appeared in such publications as Stern, Trace, Vibe, and The London Observer.  In 2003, Lauri Lyons became the first black woman to shoot the cover of Fortune magazine and in 2006, the first black female photographer signed to Getty Images.

Lauri has shown her work The International Center of Photography, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Civil Rights Museum. Her advertising clients include Pepsi and McDonald’s.

From 2000 to present, Lauri Lyons has served as a faculty member for the International Center of Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, and as the Director of Photography for the Leave Out Violence youth program.

Lauri has also contributed to The Huffington Post on a wide variety of topics including Afro-Brazilian history, beats, and culture; art and activism by homeless teens in Minneapolis; women in hip-hop: the B-Girl Be festival; and Harlem memorializing Michael Jackson at the Apollo Theater.


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