1. TEXTING me at my cell phone 315-854-0860.

Unless I am in a meeting and have my phone completely turned off, which is not uncommon, this is the best and fastest way of reaching me and getting a response.

2. EMAIL. I am attached to my computer more than most.

3. CHAT. You can chat with me at I am pretty sure that all chat software talks to each other now, but really, if you do not have gmail, that is just silly.

Actually gmail offers an amazing archiving and filing system and calendar too that is accessible from any computer around the world. (I am not being paid for this endorsement.)

4. My office phone, which I rarely answer is x5180 and my office is located at 12 GRIFFITHS.

I do not usually hold regular office hours because a.) I am always on campus and b.) when I have had office hours it always turns out that a majority of people do not show.  It is better that we just arrange things as needed.

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