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8… EXTRA CREDIT! nesting forms

NARRATIVE and NESTING FORMS DEADLINE: Due completed at Final Critique *** Working loosely within the tradition of the Russian matryoshka doll dolls and matryoshka as a design paradigm (see below), you will create nested forms that when encountered by your … Continue reading

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#5… beginning wheel throwing

My apologies all… This beginning assignment that was explained, demo-ed, and mentioned as being a project that you would be working on along with assignment #4, and written up in that assignment posting, was never actually written up as its … Continue reading

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As I mentioned in class yesterday, I decided that we need a substantial day devoted to brainstorming, visual language and design. We will not be doing this for every assignment, as I used to do and FYI where half the … Continue reading

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4… unit/unification and more!

UNIT / UNIFICATON            DUE GREEN WED 10/11 Create 20 related units or modules (no smaller than 3” and no larger than 5”). THESE FORMS MAY BE WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO BE, SO LONG AS THEY ARE UNIFIED AS A … Continue reading

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press-molding (ongoing)!!

We covered press-molding in class on Wednesday. My hope is that you all will continue to add onto the knowledge that you collect in this class to increase your creativity. I hope that you will continue to use press-molded forms … Continue reading

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2… technical building

ASSIGNMENT #2 TECHNICAL BUILDING DUE DATE (all green work done at the beginning of class): Wednesday September 22 OBJECTIVES: To gain technical competency in the basic ceramic hand building techniques of slab, coil, solid, and pinch construction. BASIC REQUIREMENTS: – … Continue reading

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1… small vessels and raku

SERIES OF SMALL VESSELS – four drape molded, four pinched DUE GREEN (that is, all wet working is done) WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at the beginning of class. Your first assignment involves becoming familiar with (or re-familiarizing yourself with) clay as … Continue reading

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THIS IS A PROJECT FROM SPRING 2010 I learned about Frooties through DesignBoom: THE ASSIGNMENT I would like you to make a series of hand built vessels that can work together sculpturally/conceptually when set upside down, and yet … Continue reading

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slab building and personal (objective) imagery Greyson Perry at the Tate “sex and ceramics” 80 minutes long SAATCHI more on patterns and design: illustration group on flickr handdrawn type

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inspiration! more p-cups

kim westad (FIRST TWO IMAGES) her website and her ETSY SHOP and the second artist in the gallery below is diana fayt (LAST THREE IMAGES) HER WEBSITE HER FACEBOOK HER BLOG and a nice feature about her on DESIGN SPONGE … Continue reading

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