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4… unit/unification and more!

UNIT / UNIFICATON            DUE GREEN WED 10/11 Create 20 related units or modules (no smaller than 3” and no larger than 5”). THESE FORMS MAY BE WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO BE, SO LONG AS THEY ARE UNIFIED AS A … Continue reading

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1… small vessels and raku

SERIES OF SMALL VESSELS – four drape molded, four pinched DUE GREEN (that is, all wet working is done) WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at the beginning of class. Your first assignment involves becoming familiar with (or re-familiarizing yourself with) clay as … Continue reading

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artists: Kari Radasch

KARI RADASCH, artist. Featured process: APPLIQUE on ANGEL course materials/technical/applique for more information: Radasch’s:  flickr site WEBSITE etsy shop

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artist: Louise Bourgeois, 1912-2010

Louise Bourgeois, passed away this year at the age of 98. She was still making art up until she died: groundbreaking, challenging and always evolving work… In an interview for the Tate video below, Bourgeois says, “… art is a … Continue reading

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artist: Ettore Sottsass 1917-2007

In the film OBJECTIFIED, a couple of designers referred to Ettore Sottsass. In the event that you are interested in his work, here is more information about him. Design Museum Sottsass Association at LACMA

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artist: Ruth Duckworth, 89

Ruth Duckworth, porcelain master and minimalist potter. See here: Also see: A very extensive slideshow of Duckworth’s work at the Smithsonian A sweet video (and article) on CBS, interview with artist any thoughts?

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artist:Marcel Wanders

In a following post I will include some link to images that are included in a brand new publication called 21st Century Design – New Design Icons From Mass Market to Avant-Garde, the forward to the book was written by … Continue reading

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