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1… small vessels and raku

SERIES OF SMALL VESSELS – four drape molded, four pinched DUE GREEN (that is, all wet working is done) WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at the beginning of class. Your first assignment involves becoming familiar with (or re-familiarizing yourself with) clay as … Continue reading

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more on drape molds

Here is a video of a very fancy drape mold that is intended to sell very very nice bamboo molds and tools. While this person in this video uses cheesecloth to transfer their slab to the mold, I am actually … Continue reading

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about drape and slump molds

Something to note: Commercially made drape/slump molds are ridiculously expensive!!!! Check out the pricing on these things!! SOME TERMS: A DRAPE MOLD is a chunk of plaster (usually, though sometimes wood) that is the shape of the NEGATIVE space … Continue reading

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