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1… small vessels and raku

SERIES OF SMALL VESSELS – four drape molded, four pinched DUE GREEN (that is, all wet working is done) WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at the beginning of class. Your first assignment involves becoming familiar with (or re-familiarizing yourself with) clay as … Continue reading

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artists: Kari Radasch

KARI RADASCH, artist. Featured process: APPLIQUE on ANGEL course materials/technical/applique for more information: Radasch’s:  flickr site WEBSITE etsy shop

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about drape and slump molds

Something to note: Commercially made drape/slump molds are ridiculously expensive!!!! Check out the pricing on these things!! SOME TERMS: A DRAPE MOLD is a chunk of plaster (usually, though sometimes wood) that is the shape of the NEGATIVE space … Continue reading

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