Click, Click, Click… Was the sound of the keyboard as us, conservation students, were putting our last prints on this summer conservation media course. 10 best photos were selected from each of us from our visit to Lake Naivasha and Maasia Mara. These photos represent the overview of what us students and teachers have discovered and witness throughout our 15 day stay. Photo after photo, we had to relish the best of the best. Undecided, we had to grind our teeth and select the photos we wanted to represent throughout the adventurous trip. Astonished as the pictures were clicking by, we all felt a sense of accomplishment as the crowd wowed with excitement and wonder. From Warthogs, to cheetahs, to elephants, to sunset… images felt good as any other feeling in the world. Power point after power point, the pictures kept getting better. Job well done team! We even surprised Teeku Patel with the photography skills he has taught us. Keep it up!

Thanks again, you will be missed!!

Big Cat