After a quick pack up, our troop had yet again another emotional good-bye with the staff members of Matira Bush Camp. The staff was nothing but gracious and kind to us.  We were sad to leave them behind but looking forward to yet another campsite.  Our new campground we will be staying at is called Ilkeliani Camp.  This campsite is not in the reserve itself, but lies on the outskirts of the reserve in the town of Talek.  We will be staying here for three nights.  Once we got to Ilkeliani, we were greeted with fruit punch drinks and were seated in a beautiful common area.  We were then guided to our tents.  Two people were assigned for each tent, except for the three girls, Liz, Rebekah, and Kaitlin.  The girls wanted to stay together yet again.  They didn’t want to break up their bond from Elsamere where they lived in C Block.  Our tents astonished us all.  Is it camping if there’s a toilet and a shower? Even so, nobody was complaining!! We then set down to lunch!  We had a four-course meal for lunch!   None of us could believe our eyes (or mouths)!

After a delectable lunch and some free time, we set out on yet another adventure into the Mara.  We drove pole pole (which means slowly in Swahili) through the Mara, while standing on our seats and looked for wildlife and snapped awesome pictures when possible. The afternoon turned quickly into dark.  We quickly looked for the ideal spot to take sunset pictures.  The perfect African tree was the subject of all our photos.  The sun set right before our eyes.

Ungulates grazing don't even notice the gorgeous sunset.

After we drove back to the hotel in the dark, we were greeted with an “easy” surprise quiz.   Luckily for us, dinner and Tusker baridi shortly followed and our moods quickly improved.  With a full stomach and water bottle heaters, sleep never looked so good.  Sleep was necessary because a long, exciting day in the Mara was ahead of us again.