Good Article: What is carbon dioxide capture and sequestration

What Carbon dioxide capture and sequestration is

  • CO2 s taken out of the air from plants or factories
  • When the CO2 is stored it is referred to as sequestration
  • CO2 is stored 2 miles underground in amongst porous rock , above this layer is non-porous rock which prevents the CO2 from moving back up to the surface
  • Once the CO2 has been compressed it is usually transported via truck or by using a pipeline
  • A diagram below shows the typical process for carbon capture and sequestration (ccs)
  • CCS is important because it is estimated that power plants that burn fossil fuels can have emissions cut by 80 to 90%
  • CCS can also reduce pollutants cement plantations and natural gas facilities

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I thought this article was a good source because it is a .org site and from the EPA