Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration

  • Carbon capture is the most expensive part of CCS process
  • Removing CO2 from flue gas means that extra equipment has to be added to power plants, when equipment is added the cost of energy production increases
  • Geological storage: CO2 is put into geological formations, not the best practice b/c scientists not certain that the gases are going to stay in storage
  • CCS is studied the same way as global warming
  • Hard for companies to implement CCS technology b/c “The scale of the energy landscape is gigantic, so if your magic capture material contains an element that is not sufficiently abundant, then no matter how superior your carbon capture chemistry might be, your company will fail because the solution you deliver is not sustainable” (jjj).
  • Main scource of CO2= burning of fossil fuels
  • Graph below shows Energy increased in the past 30 years

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