Japan pushes ahead with Hokkaido carbon capture test despite quake concerns

  • Japan wants to go ahead with Hokkaido carbon capture test despite earthquake concerns
  • Japan testing to see about the possibility of storing greenhouse gas emissions in the seabed even though it is in an earthquake zone
  • It has been 5 years since the last quake hit Japan and after the damage done by the nuclear reactor meltdown Japan wants to look more towards coal powered power plants but limit it’s pollution by using CCS
  • According to the article CCS has been test in many different locations but not yet commercially
  • Ben Caldecott, director director of the sustainable finance program at the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, says, ““It is our view that CCS is unlikely to play a significant role in mitigating emissions from coal-fired power stations” (Watanabe).
  • People are worried that CO2 will leak when it is being stored
  • Tetsuo Kasukawa, a spokesman for Japan CCS Co, says,”The carbon dioxide will be injected “little by little,” he said, contrasting it with hydraulic fracking, where oil and gas drillers pump fluid under pressure into formations to release trapped deposits” (Watanabe).

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