IEA calls on Australia to lead world in carbon capture and storage technology

  • IEA stands for International Energy Agency
    • 29 countries are members
    • The agencies goal is to establish clean non expensive energy sources
  • Australia’s government has removed the ban that does not allow the financing of clean energy to be able to invest in CCS
  • Professor Stuart Haszeldine, Studies CCS technology at the University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Stuart says, “The science and technology and engineering is all there but it always falls over at the financing model because countries find that introducing carbon capture and storage in competition with low-cost renewables is very difficult financially.”
  • The environmental lobby in Australia has fear regarding CCS because it works only some of the time and it is costly
  • John Connor, the chief executive of the climate institute, says “I’d prefer Australia being a world leader in responsible action in climate action and that’s getting the net zero emissions before 2050 [and that] means phasing out our current stack of coal-fired power stations.”

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