Richard Schiffman: The benefits of carbon capture and storage

  • Richard Schiffman said,”…permafrost is beginning to thaw, which could release vast amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. If that happens, nothing will prevent the climate train from careening out of our control” (The benefits of carbon capture and storage).
  • Dr. Klaus Lackner stated that carbon capture is not risky
    • Lackner stated “It simply amounts to cleaning up after ourselves, and repairing the damage that we already have done”(The benefits of carbon capture and storage).
  • Prime Minister of Canada in 2009,¬†Stephen Harper said, “Carbon capture and storage has the potential to help us balance our need for energy with our duty to protect the environment” (The benefits of carbon capture and storage).
  • Graciela Chichilnisky, an architect for Kyoto Protocol says, “Carbon capture for commercial purposes could take more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than we currently are putting in, while producing a healthy profit. But governments around the world will need to grease the wheels by mandating a carbon market, in which industries are required to pay to remediate the damage that their pollution creates”(The benefits of carbon capture and storage).
  • It is unclear whether or not carbon capture is the answer to the CO2 pollution problem or if a new technology is better suited.

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An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Carbon Capture and Storage Assessment Methods

  • “CCS projects have been cancelled as a result of inadequate assessment of risks.”
  • Problems with CCS
    1. Local pollution
    2. High electricity prices
    3. Dirty groundwater
    4. Health concerns b/c of leaking CO2
    5. Lower property values
  • ¬†Uncertain costs with CCS
  • Set backs for projects are govt regulations , engineering factors
  • A common theme for articles that I have read is Global warming potential (GWP)
  • Economic studies have trouble getting data from U.S.
  • “CO2 leakage from geological storage is one of the most important aspects of CCS.”
  • When CCS added to power plant it increases fuel, coal, or gas, input to produce some energy output when CCS is not used
  • Real impacts of CCS are still unknown, further studies need to be done
  • CCS technology constantly faces challenges because it keeps changing
  • Canada Carbon Capture and Storage Structures Amendment Act
    • Amendment Act states regulations for regions before CCS operator can get a pass from the govt
  • Critical event analysis: CO2 leakage from storage area, there are only 5 studies that allow for leaking


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