An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Carbon Capture and Storage Assessment Methods

  • “CCS projects have been cancelled as a result of inadequate assessment of risks.”
  • Problems with CCS
    1. Local pollution
    2. High electricity prices
    3. Dirty groundwater
    4. Health concerns b/c of leaking CO2
    5. Lower property values
  • ¬†Uncertain costs with CCS
  • Set backs for projects are govt regulations , engineering factors
  • A common theme for articles that I have read is Global warming potential (GWP)
  • Economic studies have trouble getting data from U.S.
  • “CO2 leakage from geological storage is one of the most important aspects of CCS.”
  • When CCS added to power plant it increases fuel, coal, or gas, input to produce some energy output when CCS is not used
  • Real impacts of CCS are still unknown, further studies need to be done
  • CCS technology constantly faces challenges because it keeps changing
  • Canada Carbon Capture and Storage Structures Amendment Act
    • Amendment Act states regulations for regions before CCS operator can get a pass from the govt
  • Critical event analysis: CO2 leakage from storage area, there are only 5 studies that allow for leaking


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