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feminism in Egypt

“The Marriage of Feminism and Islamism in Egypt: Selective Repudiation as a Dynamic of Postcolonial Cultural Politics”, by Lila Abu-Lughold, provided for some interesting discussion in our group. The article discussed varying forms of feminism occurring in Egypt, and how … Continue reading

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It’s Like My Face Just Morphed

“When you come out to people as bisexual they think you’re just…” Pipe started,  “GREEDY.” Kim said automatically. I, Kasia, had to do a double take to this statement. I never heard that before, and I especially had never thought … Continue reading

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Where did our soul go?

Our group was extremely interested in Jameson and Harvey’s arguments regarding postmodernism effect on art.  Both theorists agree that the art, architecture, and literature that are produced today lacks the depth and soul found in work before postmodernism. Jameson argues … Continue reading

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I Only Want You to Give it to Me

In class this week we briefly Kim spoke about gender assigned toys, which brought us to the “Toys” portion of Rowland Barthes’ Mythologies. In light of the minor “throwback” here is “an oldie but goody”: Myths can be seen as … Continue reading

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“Your identity changes when people perceive you differently.”

Today our group discussed Judith Butler’s piece Gender & Sexuality. It was sort of an extended version of our class discussion on Thursday. We started off speaking about how we felt about the articles. Tina said she felt it was … Continue reading

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Butler: Multi-Dimensional Approach

In discussing Judith Butler, we realized that we wanted to take approaches and theories discussed in class and apply them directly to Butler’s article. At first we were overwhelmed with the plethora of approaches possible to take, but once we … Continue reading

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“I’m spread way too thin, everybody wants to know whats happenin”

I’m pretty sure that Edvard Munch’s Modernist painting “The Scream” pretty much sums up the majority of our lives right about now. It definatley symbolizes how I’m feeling, thats for sure. As we discussed in class “The Scream”  represents the anxiety of life we all feel, especailly … Continue reading

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Discussing Harvey

This week our group discussed Harvey and spent a majority of the time breaking down his argument to better understand his perspectives.  This blog is to highlight some of the points we covered in our discussion. -Harvey provides good accounts … Continue reading

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Derrida and Wikipedia

We found Derrida’s reading very hard and our discussion was dominated by questions we wished we could answer.  However, with serious back and forth discussion, we were confident in our understanding of some parts of his work. We were very … Continue reading

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I Was Surprised….She Was Not.

“Freeing South Africa: The Modernization of Male-Male Sexuality in Soweto” was an insightful read for each of us, although learning about the gay community in South Africa was fascinating for different reasons. For Dolma, it was interesting in finding out … Continue reading

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