Derived from a combination of the worlds ‘bourgeois’ and ‘ghetto’Urban dictionary defines the word Boughetto as:
“A person who is rich and wealthy but has poor mannerism and no etiquette.
She bought a mega-mansion in an expensive gated community. She invited us to dinner to show-off her wealth where she served us prawns, oysters and carvier. But she kept cussing and snapping her fingers and shaking her head with an attitude during the meal. I mean she was so boughetto!!”

I was not aware of the existence of the word until I started watching the real housewives. This word is used to describe women of color in this reality TV show. Its most often seen in the comment section of the blog or an opinion section of a reality tv fan website. However, what is important to note is that this word is used only to describe women of color, even thought the explanation in italics applies to the behavior of a majority of women (of all different races and shades of skin) on the show.
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