Yoga in Europe

There is a group in Europe called Yoga Alliance International European Division that is an organization “devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga Traditions throughout the world” and has yoga classes to certify instructors. There are annual conferences that are made in order to provide Yoga teachers with a forum that allows them to share thoughts and be themselves. They have a world-wide Yoga Teachers Registry that recognizes teachers as meeting high standards.  The YAI tries to improve the teachers understanding of the value of yoga, yoga’s history and traditions. It has strong connections with other yogis and has a strong platform allowing people to communicate. They want to make a community that makes a group of people with like-minded people devoted to the cause of personal transformation. They believe you need personal transformation to make change in the world and that synergy allows this transformation. They want to make sure there is respect and understanding of all different styles and traditions of yoga.



It is recognized by the government of India and founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand. He is a renowned yoga master and the founder of Transformational Yoga. It is a practice that brings together parts of hatha, white tanra, raja, mantra, ashtanga and kudalini yoga and brings rapid transformation. He has strong connections with other yogis and is a lifetime member of the Sri Aurobindo Educational Society, Delhi Branch Ashram. He mastered traditional Indian yoga and was taught by other masters like Swami Satyanada, the founder of the Bihar school of yoga and anonymous others in the Himalayas. He was born into an area that has strong spiritual connection with the environment, Datiya, and it is recognized as being one of the 17 sacred centres of tantra in India. He was influenced early in life since his father was his first guru. He is “a highly respected devotional yogi and founder of the Yoga Mandir of Datiyga”. He is highly educated on yoga because he also practiced with Swami Rama, the founder of the Himalayan Institute and Tibetan masters. He is well recognized by people in India.




Mission Statement

Create a network of Yogic minded people around the world, regardless of affiliation or tradition.
Provide a platform to support an international community of yoga instructors. 
Encourage research and innovation by applying yoga techniques to the complex problems faced in modern society



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