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I’m at work and for once, the cafe isn’t looking like Grand central terminal. So anyways, since I’d like to pretend I’m not in this place right now and since I’ve been agonizing over my presentation on Thursday, I thought I’d look up a few more things. I came across a post and it’s really interesting reading the conversations about it off Tumblr, or other personal blogs. And unlike some other posts I have come across, there is actually A LOT of conversation under this article.
I wish I could read it all in depth right now but duty calls.

Also, one of the comments I read while skimming through led me to someone names Anne Lamott, who I am assuming is a write who has chronicled her experience as a white woman with dreadlocks. One of the first links I found when I looked up her name:
I hope to read more and actually get access to more information on her perspective..

Also, a video I found:

Keeping up with the theme of me freaking out a lot lately, I have also been confused as to what theory to apply. However, I came across something on Google scholar that I haven’t checked out yet but based on the name, it might help me decide whether or not Homi Bhaba’s theory of hybridity is applicable in my research.

Although I told myself I would utilize Tumblr less, I can’t help it… It’s my life. Si here are a few more Tumblr posts I plan to check out:

Some other general links(most non-Tumblr blogs and forums…. because I like to expand my blog horizon 😀 )

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