Videos on meaning of yoga (go to the link to see)

Matthew Sanford, an author and yoga teacher, talks about what the meaning of yoga is to me. I really relate to what he has to say; he said it is a time for him to feel grounded and makes him really appreciate life and himself more. Yoga is a time that you focus on your mind and body, and learn to improve it. It makes you appreciate the little things more because of this and not focus on chaotic day to day things, commercial goods and material.

This is a video by Seane Corn is a yoga instructor and yoga activist. She seems really cool and I’d love to talk to her and learn about her experience with yoga. She said that everyday she decides what yoga to teach and practice by her mood and what she thinks will fit best with it. It seems to be a very good idea, since she works with her mood and what she will teach best as well as keeping her body balanced; she does it to balance her yang nature. She said that if she could teach anyone yoga it’d be Obama and other people high up with decision making. I think this is a great idea and completely agree that those types of people would benefit from yoga since yoga has to do with your consciousness and oneness, therefore learning more about yourself and appreciating these things about yourself and others you will be better able to make decisions. She says that yoga has to do with your wellness, sense and sustainability, therefore being more knowledgeable on that will help you with decisions.

After listening to these people, reading blogs from other yogis and talking to my friends about how we view yoga, I do not think that everyone fits the stereotype of yoga practiced in the U.S. Yes, we are not able to fully value yoga like many Indians who learn, practice and live it in India, but I do think we are the best yogis we can be for living here in the U.S. These people in the videos understand yoga from a deeper spiritual meaning, like many traditional Indian yogis. We want to learn more and accept and incorporate what we do learn because I think we are all willing to practice it traditionally as possible. You can tell by listening to them that they don’t think of yoga as just a physical practice, that they view it as affecting their mind and sole. They use it when needed, not for exercise.

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