Yoga Retreats

Many people want to practice yoga and go on yoga retreats to try and get the rewards from yoga. It seems like a great thing, you get to get away, practice yoga and be very zen. Not all yoga retreats seem real though after studying yoga and many seem to be making yoga a commodity because you are buying the experience. Yoga traditionally is practiced in very natural areas, but these yoga retreat compnanies seem to be making a destination. It is almost a fake world so you can practice yoga in a very relaxing way, instead of embracing it traditionally. The picture bellow is from a yoga retreat in Bangalore, India. It is described as being a “luxury center” and having “attentive staff”. I feel like this is contradictory to what yoga is actually like since yoga is about you doing work and receiving great benefits from it, not you being pampered. I feel like people give to you in yoga and you give to others to feel balanced, instead of others only working for you with nothing in return.  One must pay $280 a night to stay here, which seems very expensive. Yoga is about forgetting about money. Yes, many need to pay to learn about yoga and practice it, but I feel like this kind of retreat is putting monetary value on yoga. It is very clear that you are paying to stay at this retreat since the description is describing the place itself more instead of what practices and parts of yoga you are learning.



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