Hijab’s around the world: Fashion or Modesty?

So while I was thinking of options to look into for my personal case study, I though of my interest in the Middle East and Islam and how people express faith. I know  that most people could not tell the difference between a Muslim and a Arab and often used cultural dress as he distinctive factor to identify them.  Although Islam is a religion and not a ethnic identity people  misinterpret acts of Islamic faith to synonymously Arab. But the only visible feature that I can think of among both communities that can be possibly used as a potential signifyer of being Muslim cross culturally is through the womens expression of modesty through wearing Hijab.  This article of clothing that is visible to the public, is worn in a variety of ways and sometimes worn aesthetically and culturally rather then religiously.With my research I plan on looking into the variations of hijab culture throughout the world and also looking into the cultural  and international fashion industries and how advertisements play a role in the consumption and wearing of hijab’s out side of the religious context.

Some Blogs and Websites to check out Hijabs and Modesty (Below)



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