Martin Ssempa

In class I briefly mentioned a video segment titled “Eat da Poo Poo” shown on Tosh.0 (a show on comedy central) that mocked Martin Ssempa, a Ugandan pastor who has been a leading activist for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. In the video Martin Ssempa is giving an anti-gay press conference and “teaching” about how gay men have sex. In the conference he shows gay porn that is in no way representative of the way gay men would “normally” have sex that shows the men eating each others feces. Daniel Tosh makes a mockery of Martin Ssempa by editing himself  into the video as if he were in the crowd asking questions at the conference. This video is representative of the international and American public that are highly opposed to the AH Bill and in this case find it so ridiculous that it is laughable. Below is the link to the Tosh.0 website where you can view the video.

I also discussed how this view juxtaposes the homophobic message that American pastors have been spreading in Uganda. Scott Lively was one of the American evangelicals that was a part of talks that took place in Kampala a few months prior to the introduction of the bill. Below is a video of Lively in which he talks about his friendship with Martin Ssempa and how he is trying to “protect all the children of his country from being homosexualized”.

[youtube 08HpzqZAQ_g nolink]


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