1+1=Cutie and other things Aegyo

What is aegyo? Simply put, aegyo means acting cute on purpose. It’s generally regarded as a feminine thing, though males can do aegyo as well. Sometimes, it can be used to get something, or to make someone do something for you, or to talk your significant other out of being mad at you… the uses vary. It can range from just a simple pouty face and whiny, baby voice voice, but can go to extreme heights involving hitting and wiggling and all sorts of things. The best way to really understand it is to see it in action. While aegyo is something that is common among non-celebrities in S. Korea, it is often asked of an idol to do aegyo on talk and variety shows. Again, it’s one of those things that lends itself to forming the image of the idol.

Some people find it extremely annoying, while others enjoy it quite a bit. Like me, most people are in between. It pretty much leaves me squealing in delight, or wanting to punch something because it’s just so overly cute I can’t stand it. Hopefully, you won’t want to punch anything either after watching these videos.

Sunny of SNSD:

Key of SHINee:


Lee Joon of MBLAQ:

Soyou of Sistar doing Gwiyomi Player (Cutie player):

What do you think of aegyo? Is it cute or cringe-worthy? Is there a similar concept where you’re from? Does it detract or add to the perceived masculine or feminine images of the idols?

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