President Museveni

President Museveni has taken a very interesting stance on homosexuality in Uganda and the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill. He has not had much influence on the bill either in support or opposition of it. Below is an article in which Museveni states that his problem with homosexuality is in terms of discretion, and that it is neither appropriate for gay or straight people to make public displays of affection. He also states his issue that homosexuality should not be promoted in Uganda saying, “We should not except the promotion of homosexuality as a good thing” which is derivative of the fallacy that Western homosexuals are recruiting Ugandan children into homosexual lifestyles. He has also repeatedly stated that gays have not been persecuted or attacked in Uganda, which is of course untrue (the case of David Kato discussed in one of my earlier posts is a perfect example).

In the video below Museveni makes remarks similar to those in the article above about discretion and denying persecution of homosexuals in Uganda.

[youtube lAZXxGdVAxU nolink]


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