Hybridization and the Third Space

Each phrase has multiple meanings because it signifies something different depending on what it is referring to.  Take hybridity for example.  Both creolization an mestizaje are forms of hybridization however they both have different meanings.  Through creolization we see the fusion of both African and American/European cultures whereas with mestizaje we see a fusion of Latina and American cultures.  Although these terms both acknowledge an identity with multiple cultural aspects (a “hybrid” culture) they represent different cultures therefore different people and different identities.

Douglarization is along the same lines – it too is a situation in which multiple cultures are brought together to form a new identity – in this case it is the mixture of Trinidadian, Carribean, African, and Indian cultures.  But one thing separates it from creolization and mestizaje.  Unlike the other two “hybrid”-like cultures through douglarization the identifiers is proud of the separate histories that were brought together to form their new identity.  They do not hide the indigenous aspects of their culture; they embrace it.

Which leads us into this idea of the “third space.”  Essentially this is the in-between space that created due to hybrid identities; it encompasses the people who cannot identify with one single idenity.  They have a number of backgrounds that add different aspects to their makeup.  Which is why they find themselves in this third space – promoting only a single identity is not enough.

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