Asian Influence of the West:

I recently watched this video clip on Asian influence of the West. The video was called America In The 21st Century’s View Of Asia. This was at an Ethics Matters conference. The speaker Kishore Mahubani, in the video first started out by saying Asians admires “American University’s, and American Enterprises.” And how individuals see this and are inspired to make it big in the U.S.

He states how this is the positive, but then gets into the negative perception of America. He states, the word “torture”. He explains how U.S was the first modern world to introduce torture. The U.S statement writes a human rights report on the rest of the world, yet he states they should first write one for themselves, before they judge us. He further states that the U.S needs to be aware how they present themselves to Islamic countries. And this can be presented in the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

He talks about specific examples of corn subsidies, causing hunger on the rest of the world. And how the U.S is mostly unaware, but now its time for the U.S to become aware and see how they are hurting the rest of the world.

America is #1 is violating law, and refuses to adhere to the rules in the International Criminal Court. He then examines our freedom, and liberty, and how we can express freedom. Yet he states how we have used that freedom to remain ignorant. That the press in the U.S does not tell its citizens the truth and knowledge of what is going on in the rest of the world.

American policy makers are inclined to go to Europe, instead of Asia. American businesses have incredible opportunities in Asia. The only way to understand cultures is by understanding language. He encourages the youth to become bilingual. The U.S in one of the only countries in the world that is monolingual. So in these ways the U.S falls behind the rest of the worlds.


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