Bajeko Sekuwa- local fast food chain

I came across this fast food chain called Bajeko Sekuwa which literally means Grandfather’s Sekuwa (a dish that consist of roasted meat with traditional Nepali spices and its prepared in a Nepali country style on a open fire). The closest dish that I have seen here is BBQ kabab. Bajeko Sekuwa has several chains in Kathmandu and its specialty is sekuwa. I see this chain as a restaurant that has used a western concept of a what it means to be a fast food restaurant chain but with traditional Nepali dish. This relates back to Patterson’s analysis reggae music although influenced by other types of music (e.g. blues, country and soul), it developed into a new genre of music in Jamaica. In the same way, although a lot of the fast food restaurants like Bajeko Sekuwa are inspired by western fast food chains, they still carry local dishes and traditions. In this way, “Nepali” fast food style restaurants developing and creating their own space especially in Kathmandu.

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