I forgot about Ariel!

All of the Disney princesses were detailed, except Ariel, who slipped my mind…yikes! She is a mermaid and the daughter of king Triton. She is adventurous and curious about the world outside the sea. One day she ventures to the surface and catches a glimpse of prince Eric, who she instantly falls in love with. She makes a deal with Ursula, the sea witch, and exchanges her voice for legs to walk on land. While Disney initially made her atypically of Snow, Cinderella, and Aurora, they spoil her progress by making her give up basically her self expression, her family, and her natural appearance all because she wants to stay with her prince on land. What the hell? I thought relationships were about compromise. Ariel (or rather Disney) clearly don’t believe so. Apparently women have to change everything for their man, not the other way around. Such a pity.

I have to say, even though watching and writing about Disney films and looking at all the stereotypes and binaries between man and woman are a little depressing, I find that if I ignore them, which after my second global studies class was impossible, Disney movies can be quite good in terms of humor and certain lessons. But once my eyes have been opened, it is very difficult for me to shut them. So knowledge is indeed power.

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