East Meets West:

~:.East Meets West.:~

This blog is called East meets West.  Yet you are probably confused, and wondering what this case study blog is even about. Well it’s all about fashion!  Specifically on East meets West fashion.  By East meets West, I am referring to how Western fashion has culturally spread to countries in the Middle East.  Yet for my case study, I would like to focus on how countries like India and Pakistan are heavily influenced by the Western fashion world.  This blog will incorporate all things Bollywood, Pakistani Fashion Week, and Vogue India. Yet with these developing third world countries connection to the first world, I will be expanding into bigger topics such as globalization, political tensions, religion, social construction, and gender roles.

When one thinks of fashion, images of flamboyant clothes, million-dollar jewelry, catwalk, cameras, and runways might enter one’s mind. Yet under those vibrant silk fabrics and gold encrusted diamonds lies a culture. A culture that has been constructed by us humans.  A culture where we decide what is accepted, where we can buy and sell of the market, where artists can express themselves through clothes, where young kids yearn for brand names, where people work in sweatshops and starve, and where girls fight eating disorders to fit the image of beauty. A culture that we have created, and live in. One that defines us as a whole.



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