The Korean Punk :Recycled Culture Turned New

Through out our life time we have experienced or have gone through different phases of music styles and how we relate to the beats we listen to. For some teens in Korea the growing popularity of punk has been a phase that is sure to stay. Although the original punk groups of western nations are great and viewed as classics (original style) every style to some extent gets appropriated and creolized by language and different cultural influences by the community appropriating it. In the Korea teen Punk environment they began like most music lovers listening to the most popular and influential bands of that genre and later experimenting with variations creating the new Korean Punk.

[youtube 3H-fowlm2gM]

In relation to this new trend in Punk music our Cafe Discussion group found Korean Punk to be both oppositional emergent  and alternative emergent. We though that they both are forms of emerging culture but oppositional in the sense of deviating from the Korean norms and alternative to the original punk style and recycling the format and structure of the punk identity and creating their own subculture, Korean Punk.  In this community has created a new definition for themselves of what punk is and how it is apart of them. This style of self expression has evolved from basement and small community performances to a more mainstream medium, as one of the interviewees stated in the documentary on Korean Punk ” We are not offering an alternative, but breaking it down” and also breaking the molds of society.

Kasia, Pipe, and I have experienced this in many forms through out our communities in New York City from fashion trends, music choices, and dance styles. A new rising popular trend among the pre-teen and teen community in NYC is the “Bronx Wine” this is a combination of the Jamaican dance “wine” and Hispanic choque/ reggeaton styles of dancing created by the youth of the Bronx. This evolution of dance styles have changed and tailored to a variety of audiences. Now it has been becoming very wide spread in NYC and creating a new sub culture of Reggae. Which is essentially the same but with a twist in dance style and a emphasis on love (teen phase love). Below are a couple of Bronx wine videos.

While watching the video you can tell that the dance styles have gone from vulgar and sexual to more stylistic and specialized with emphasizing a move. Each style had a dress code, and move of specialty recycling the original wine (grind, dubbing, etc).

[youtube Y44GvFi4f4s]

The Evolution of Youth Reggae/ Reggaeton  dance styles in the last 5 years.

[youtube 8qPY1dSQBDo]

A couple showing how to dance it and add their own flavor to the dance.




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