TechFeed and Solidifying my Thoughts

I recently found a YouTube channel called TechFeed that makes videos about the latest in technology news.  Subjects range from new devices, censorship news, debates about different company products and more.  While watching some of their videos, I started to really get an idea for what I wanted to do with this independent blog and the topic of 4G.  I will take three of the latest mobile devices, Iphone, Samsung Galaxy and BlackBerry 10, and see which companies and products make the biggest impact in our world of communications, both socially and practically.  I know Apple users will defend Iphone to the death, but what if the Galaxy is what we really need now?  I’ll see where I can go from here.  In the mean time, here’s a TechFeed video commenting on the Iphone/Galaxy debate.

[youtube RXNcAJGB8Xc]


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