globalization took intimacy

Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy
We really enjoyed this reading since it incorporated why we have certain ideologies today and how globalization has swayed them. Two quotes that we liked was “an altogether new condition of neighborliness” and “that media create communities with ‘no sense of place’” (Appardurai 585). We completely agreed with these quotes and thought it explains what media today is causing perfectly. We discussed how when our parents talk about growing up they talk about how all their friends participated in similar activities and different kids did different things. Today I realized that most people do a lot of similar activities and spend their time similarly. Some do things more than others and are more of expert in that area, but most people are aware of other sports they don’t participate in or genres of music they don’t listen to because they learn about it in the media. Today anyone can find out anything by just searching something on the web. This has created equal access to knowledge for people, which is a positive, but has taken away from individuality and people’s ‘sense of place’ since people share so much. We liked the “neighborliness” quote considering it describes how our parents all talk about how they spent a lot of time with their neighbors and their local community, while we don’t. It’s so easy for us to communicate over media, that we have lost face-to-face connection with people. It has made life easier, but has taken away from intimacy. We talked about this because we think that globalization and the media has caused people to spend less time with others and how we wished we lived in a less globalized world.
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