Keeping up with my disney princess theme, Cinderella is next. Much like Snow White, she lives in a tortured household and requires salvation. This time it is some magical apparition (her fairy god mother) and of course, a prince who take her away from the misery of her stepmother and sisters. While Snow was the standard of beauty, Cinderella speaks a little more to real struggles, such as cruelty and neglect. This was a redeeming factor for Disney to me, but they had to go and ruin it by making her a damsel in distress. Don’t you ever learn disney? While Disney could live with the fact that beauty was not necessarily at the level of Snow White (although it certainly still seems that way), they just could not live with the fact that a woman needs saving. Way to go.

Further, it seems to me that even though her story has the basis to be a very good one of escaping a bad situation, as with Snow, Disney kills it by requiring the prince to do it for her. She could have done it on her own, maybe even better.

By the way, that glass slipper could have fit on anyone in the kingdom with the same shoe size as Cinderella. Just saying.


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