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City Kid Struggles: The Reflection and Reproduction of Base and Superstructure with in the ‘Slums’ of NYC

Our Cafe Discussion this week consisted of our perspectives of Raymon Williams “Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory.” From our understanding superstructure of a society, the sources of legitimacy of our Ideologies through means of social convention is reflected and … Continue reading

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Discussing The German Ideology:

As a group we decided to focus our discussion on Marx’s, The German Ideology. We all agreed it was a difficult reading to understand, but that it brought up interesting key points.  Our group’s discussion was mainly on the concept … Continue reading

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Discussing the Class Intro Photographs

During our cafe discussion, we found ourselves interested in the powerpoint photographs and one in particular sparked our interest. Aside from the Marx readings which we found quite difficult, we were intrigued by the meaning of the photo of the … Continue reading

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