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Women in the Media:

In our cafe discussion group we talked about hyper masculinity, a theme that was presented upon in class. We talked about what it means, and how the current culture we live in addresses it. This theme of hyper masculinity caused … Continue reading

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“The Real Housewives”: What it says about our society’s collective conscience

I have always disliked (to put it mildly) shows like The Real Housewives and Basketball Wives. To me these shows represent a system of declining social values, and a confirmation of all of the possible negative stereotypes that there are … Continue reading

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City Kid Struggles: The Reflection and Reproduction of Base and Superstructure with in the ‘Slums’ of NYC

Our Cafe Discussion this week consisted of our perspectives of Raymon Williams “Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory.” From our understanding superstructure of a society, the sources of legitimacy of our Ideologies through means of social convention is reflected and … Continue reading

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