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New Essays on Books, Bill Fox in the Huffington Post

…a lot to read this week.  The Chronicle Review (the weekly magazine published by the folks at the Chronicle of Higher Education) ran has a cover feature a three essays on the future of the book.  The first essay is a defense of the print book, and the other two are rather pointedly not:

Two out of three essays suggesting that not only is the morphing of text to digital formats inevitable, it’s highly desirable…Mr. R. Di Leo’s essay suggesting that until universities embrace digital forms of text, “academe will forever be caught between its digital destiny and its printed purgatory.”

Also, the popular blog the Huffington Post has reprinted SLU President Bill Fox’s essay The Most Dangerous Building on Campus in which Dr. Fox uses the give and take of digital and print in the library as a way to contemplation future pedagogies and futures for St. Lawrence…

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