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Bulletin Soon, Some Student Thoughts on Paul Jameison

…with the greenswalds around campus in full June bloom, we’re hard at work here on a new FODYLL Bulletin.  It’s a bulletin about things that happened here on campus and in Canton this spring just past, and one of the topics is the recent Rushton festivities.  Amongst them, your truly taught a course on Rushton Canoes and their legacy.  For that class, SLU student Bryn Keenhold researched the life and work of Paul Jamieson, whose legacies touch both SLU and the Adirondacks.  Her paper on Jamieson is here, and, hopefully, give you an idea of both Bryn’s work, but what we were up to in the class…

Perusing Personalities
by Bryn Keenhold

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