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Dacre Stoker and Zombies V. Humans

From our local Zombies Versus Humans Coordinator (how do you coordinate zombies?!?) just to show how thoroughly intertwined Mr Stoker’s talk was with Halloween culture:

Hello Zombies!

If you haven’t guessed already, tonight’s mission involves going to the Dacre Stoker talk at 8PM in the Winston Room.  Zombies who attend the event will be “infected” by vampires and will be immune from stuns for the next two nights.  NIGHT = 8PM – 6AM.  At the end of the event, you will receive a RED BANDANNA from either Kristina Lutz (wearing the moderator armband), Shannon Kandola, or Prof. Breashears.  If you aren’t wearing this specific, dark-red bandanna, you will not be immune to stuns.  You must wear the bandanna visibly in addition to the green headband.  A suggestion: twist the two bandannas together such that they are both visible, and wear that around your head.  If I hear any complaints about hiding the red bandanna, your immunity privileges will be revoked.  Also, it seems a lot of of humans are mis-writing their ID numbers, so ask for their name/cell # as well just in case.  Happy hunting!


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