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Dacre Stoker, Class of 1981

…one very moving and very enjoyable parts of Dacre Stoker’s recent lecture was his “off the cuff” comments on returning to St. Lawrence.  He is Class of 1981, and his first powerpoint slide included a image of the speaker in his swim team warm ups.  While blogging here is going to return attention to Dacre’s treatment of Dracula shortly, it is nice to reflect, for a moment, on his comments on being back–and particularly on how emotional the return to Canton had been.  For the Friends this was a coup de grace for the evening–that another accomplished alumni had come home, made a connection to the library.  Hopefully soon we’ll be getting some images of ODY once upon a time up, and the evening inspired good thoughts of Dacre Stoker roaming the brand new Torrey wing (back then when it opened in 1980), and good to hear from the class of 1981 talking about reading.

Dacre Stoker (center right) with the FODYLL board–to the left is Mark McMurray, Curator of Special Collections and University Archivist, with a signed copy of Dacre’s book Dracula the Undead. That particular copy is now a part of Special Collections.

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