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Spring 2013 FODYLL North Country Studies Award Winners

Every year FODYLL sponsors a university-wide contest aimed at recognizing outstanding student academic work.  The North Country Studies Awards are papers recommended by faculty to the library staff for consideration, and the winners are announced at the FODYLL Lecturer at Commencement.  We have permission to publish three of the winning papers…

North Country Studies Award in the Arts and Humanities

Elizabeth Vitek, “Function and Fascination Found in the New York State Archives: A Comparative Study of the Potsdam Public Museum and the New York State Historical Association Research Library.”

North Country Studies Award in the Social Sciences

Maggie Fellows, “Theoretical Approaches to Water Level Management on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.”

North Country Studies Award in the Sciences

Brian P. Free, “GIS Analysis of Watershed Ecological Factors and Lake Ecology in Northern New York.”

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