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Ada Lovelace Day

Ada_Lovelace_headOctober 14th is Ada Lovelace Day.  One of the events that happened last year on Ada Lovelace Day and will happen again this year on Ada Lovelace Day is called a “Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon.”  Paul Doty has created a digital guide to how Wikipedia and Ada Lovelace intersect, with the idea of, in priority order:

  • Make a case for the actual authorship of Wikipedia
  • Raise awareness about Wikipedia’s strength and weaknesses as an encyclopedia
  • Raise awareness of the work connected to Ada Lovelace Day
  • Take a reader’s point of view on Wikipedia

“Wikipedia and Ada Lovelace Day” can be accessed through this link.  The paths through this digital guide are the clickable graphics, and the citations to articles available on the open web. (The articles are launched into a second browser, close that, when you’re done reading them, to return to the guide.)  The guide should take you about 15 minutes to navigate (longer if you pause to read the article!)  There is also a bibliography of books and articles on Ada Lovelace, who is a fascinating character…

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