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Partly under the category of stuff you never expected to find, partly under the category of if it’s out there someone is blogging about it, partly under the category of appreciating human curiosity, is this: Libraries in Videogames, a blog entirely about the libraries one encounters if one is spending time as a character in a video game.  Along with the oh-my-gosh quality of it all, there is something that tickles the imagination in thinking about these libraries in games: something in the idea that the folks who design these games perceive a visual metaphor in a library that strikes true in constructs of code that aspire to be labyrinthine.  Books on shelves as corridors of secrets, there is something very satisfying about the parallel between getting lost and found in a game, and getting lost and found in a library.   Bravo to the Libraries in Videogames folks for trumpeting their peculiar passion…

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