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Adirondack Bibliography

TC-Story of a Pass_sc   In thinking again on “Novel Writing November,” lets go home to the Adirondacks. Adirondack Perceptions: Adirondack Fiction 1802-2014 is a just published bibliography of fiction, and from the introduction: “This June and July St. Lawrence University senior Jacqueline Colt took Dorothy Plums’ famous 1958 Adirondack Bibliography (with updates in 1966 and 1992) and brought it up to date, recording every work of Adirondack fiction she could document. Working with Special Collections Librarian Mark McMurray the result is a 500 plus title bibliography of fiction within the Blue Line.” Being comprehensive, the bibliography includes well known authors, such as Joyce Carol Oates, and obscure books, titles such as those from the 19th century that are Rip Van Winkles of words, but are here, documented, alive by way of inclusion.  Books with marvelous type face on the covers, and book that have all of the wonderful and well documented qualities of old books.  This bibliography is like the clarity of afternoon sunlight here in Northern New York–the bright sunlight that can fill a house for the short afternoon, contrasting the cold outside, perfect for reading or even dozing off over a book, and with the help of Adirondack Perceptions perfect for an imaginative jaunt into the Adirondacks.

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