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New Book By Steve Horwitz

stevehDana Professor and Chair of the Economics Department Steve Horwitz has just published. a book.  It is from Palgrave Macmillan and is titled Hayek’s Modern Family:Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions. A description of  Dr. Horwitz’s work from Palgrave MacMillan places the book within the scholarship on The Publisher’s description of the book places it within a context of scholarship on the Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek:

Scholars within the Hayekian-Austrian tradition of classical liberalism have done virtually no work on the family as an economic and social institution…Horwitz argues that families are social institutions that perform certain irreplaceable functions in society. These functions change as economic, political, and social circumstances change, and the family form adapts accordingly, kicking off the next wave of developments in the social structure. In Hayekian terms, the family is an evolving and undesigned social institution. Horwitz offers a non-conservative defense of the family as a social institution against the view that either the state or “the village” is able or required to take over its irreplaceable functions.

Congratulations to Steve on his book, one that speaks to concerns and questions shared by a great many people.


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