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christian-scott_It’s the time of year for best of lists, best suited for holiday reading or holiday listening (and even holiday viewing, though that’s not of concern for this post).  Two note-worthy examples:

  • The Best Book I Read This Year from the Editors of Atlantic Magazine.  It’s not just a list of books published in 2015, it is, just what its title suggests, the best book.  Atlantic is a publication still much concerned with books and reading so it’s worth a look.  If you find a title you’re interested in, be sure to look in our ODYsseus Catalog, I bet we have most of these.  (For what it’s worth, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt was probably the best book I read over the last year…)
  • National Public Radio 50 Best Albums of 2015.  A long list, much to listen to…there are songs posted with each of performers so you can get a sense, along with the album cover, of what the music is.
  • The Editors at the Huffington Post has also published their 18 Best Fiction titles of 2015
  • Updated 12/15/15, Atlantic has also published Best Books We Missed, a piece where Ann Hulbert and Sophie Gilbert chronicle “now is a moment to mention an array of 2015 books across the non-fiction and fiction spectrum I wish we hadn’t missed…”
  • And while we’re at it on a blustery wet Tuesday, here is the New York Times Best Books of 2015 list…
  • Updated 12/17/15, The New Yorker has a Books We Loved in 2015 list
  • And Vulture has a 10 Best Comic Books of 2015
  • Updated 12/23/15, The Daily Beast has published a list of Best Children’s Books of 2015

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