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Summer Reading, Reading Lists X

The folks who manage the Oxford English Dictionary have announced the new inclusions for the dictionary which include woke, post truth, and zyzzyza…I’ll leave it to you to “look these up.”
My use of the word manage is not unintentional, the OED is not entirely online, though, one can still see, use, worship the twenty volume print edition (the last print edition produced) in the ODY Reference Area.  We have a wonderful collection of dictionaries in ODY and Launders, on the vocabulary of topics professional, on languages modern and antique, and on the main level of ODY we have dictionaries, still, on lecterns. Look up a word on a lectern-borne dictionary, it’s an experience.

We also have a great collection of books about dictionaries, so by way of home-grown list, I’d like to recommend the following for 4th of July reading:

Good stuff.  I’m off the Maine for a few days, and will pick up again with a new reading list on July 6th.  Enjoy the 4th…



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