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FODYLL Membership

FODYLL Donors 2015

Mr. William B. Alexander VI
Mr. Michael G. Alzo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amoroso
Mr. Christopher K. Angus
Mr. Christopher J. and Mr. Gene Alex Auty
Mr. Salvatore M. Badali
Dr. Erika L. Barthelmess
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Berard
Ms. Gail Berry
Ms. Charlotte Ann Boulay
Dr. Caroline D. Breashears
Ms. Nora Sosnoff and Mr. Kenneth J. Brechner
Mr. Severn P. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burchenal
Dr. and Mrs. Neal S. Burdick
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cady
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Carter
Ms. Jane A. Bell and Mr. John G. Casagrande Jr.
Mr. Philip R. Chase Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen F. Ciccarelli
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Clarke
Dr. Thomas B. Coburn and Ms. Leigh D. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Colt
Mr. Edward Comstock Jr.
Ms. Melissa Cornthwaite and Mr. Curt Kunz
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg W. Corso
Mr. John P. Costello
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Dawson
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Diani
Mr. Glenn D. Donato
Mr. Paul A. Doty
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Dwyer
Dr. and Mrs. Nils Ekfelt
Dr. J. Mark Erickson
Dr. Barbara Phillips-Farley and Dr. Michael Farley
Mrs. Jean Farrington
Ms. Janet J. Flight
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fox
Ms. Ellen J. Franco (J. R. Realty Corporation)
Dr. George L. Frear Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gage
Ms. Stella H. Garitz
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Gates
Dr. Sarah E. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Generous
Mrs. Judith C. Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Glover
Dr. Rita Goldberg
Mrs. Patricia B. Gunnison
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hall
Dr. Doris V. Hanna
Mrs. Vivien G. Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Bart M. Harloe
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hatch
Dr. Mary Jane Heisey and Mr. Philip C. Harnden
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Hiple
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Holladay
Mr. and Mrs. Thor R. Holmgren
Mr. Wilbur G. Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Hunt
Mrs. Mary G. Huse
Ms. Leah Zelkowitz and Mr. Robin H. Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Dodge Johnson
Dr. Karen E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Keable
Dr. & Mrs. William  F. Kean Jr.
Dr. Stephen A. Kenney
Mrs. Linda Kenny
Ms. Elizabeth Kepes
Mrs. Joan S. Kepes
Dr. Ruth L. and Mr. Jerry R. Kreuzer
Ms. Janet Langlois
Mr. Timm D. Lathwell
Ms. Rosanna M. Longenbaker
Mr. John L. Lorenz
Ms. Margaret E. Connell and Mr. Jim Lukens
Ms. Susan E. Lyman and Mr. Lawrence J. Lane Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Macdonald
Drs. Donald R. and Vivian P. Makosky
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Matchinski
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Matteson
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McDuffee
Mrs. Janet McFarland
Mr. Kevin C. McGrath
Mr. Mark C. McMurray
Mr. Joseph A. Minniti
Ms. Anne Monck
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Murray
Mr. D. Peter Nelson
Mr. Allan P. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Nichols
Ms. Viola E. Niekrewicz
Mrs. Carolyn M. O’Connor
Ms. Theresa M. O’Reilly
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Palmateer
Ms. Kelsey K. Pascoe
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Phippen
Mr. John W. Priesing
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Rigsby Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Rutherford
Peter and Christine Schrauth
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Searleman
Dr. Frederic T. Selleck
Ms. Anne M. Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Siuta
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Small Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Rex W. Smith
Dr. Sidney L. Sondergard and Dr. Ramona M. Ralston
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Spangler
Dr. and Mrs. Allen P. Splete
Ms. Camille Stasior
Mr. Robert G. Swayze
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Szot
Dr. Robert W. Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Obiora Udechukwu
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Van de Water
Mrs. Elaine F. Viebranz
Dr. Vaclav Vitek
Mrs. Mary-Louise R. Wallendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wand
Dr. Susan E. Ward
Dr. Brian P. Watson
Ms. Mary Jane Watson
Dr. Jeffrey H. Weinberger
Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Wells
Mr. James R. Westmoreland
Ms. Tara S. Wilder
Mrs. Maxine B. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Wipper
Mrs. Pamela Wischkaemper
Mr. Marc I. Woltag


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