Korean punk rock film.


The film reminded Julia of her roommate in Washington D.C., a 22 year old female from Seoul, South Korea.  Misorang, her roommate, told Julia she wanted to study art in college but her father refused and demanded she major in economics, Julia was shocked but Misorang seemed unfazed.  The residual culture in South Korea was conveyed in the punk rock film.  One girl discussed how her parent’s disapproved of her punk rock band and how she should be in school.  The film also showed how unusual it was for the punk rock scene to have a female band like SuperMarket, and how some of the female followers felt intimated by the male dancers and the rebellious social aspects of the punk rock scene.


The rebellious attitude displayed in punk rock in Korea originated from American bands and British bands, such as the Sex Pistols and The Clash. With authenticity being an important aspect of punk rock, the Korean bands gave credit to the American and British bands for their roots.  However, they claimed Korean punk does differ from British and American punk, the bands claim it is a mix of original punk and pop music.  By comparing Britain and America in the 1970s to Korea today can possibly be described in one word: rebellion.  Economic recession hit Britain in the 1970s and British youth felt alienated by growing inequality in British society.  Many of the British punk bands wrote songs about this social alienation and expressed an angry attitude.  The U.S. was also in a state of rebellion as the war in Vietnam waged on and a draft was implemented.  One can also examine the rebellious appearance of punk rockers, spiky died hair and clothing that is not seen as “normal” or “average.”  While Korea has a growing economy, it can be said that this rebellious attitude of punk rock is a way of rebelling against current society in Korea.  Julia also told us Misorang claimed her father had the ultimate authority at home and he would “be mad when she gained weight in America.”  The female punk band is an example of the young women rebelling against the male dominated society in Korea.  This film is an example of punk rock culture that went through several stages of development of the meaning of culture, and how it spread as the world became more integrated through globalization.


Scribe: Leslie

Present: Leslie, Julia, Alexandra


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