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As I take golf on as a case study, i feel this unique association with the topic because my summer internship is with the Metropolitan Golf Association, a similar association to OneAsia. These associations, are nonprofit organizations, and seek to encourage members to play golf at a competitive level. However, the geographical stretch that OneAsia provides to, dwarfs the size of the MGA where I work at, yet we still have similar size memberships. OneAsia provides golf to Australia, China, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand. Supplying tournaments akin to the USGA’s(United States Golf Association) US Open in all of there five member countries, reveals OnAsia’s size in just a minor aspect of there responsibilities. I understand the vast responsibilities that go into providing these vents because i have worked at a association that does it on a vastly smaller scale.

Who are the members?

How are all these coordinated?

How many employees?

Where are headquarters?

What is the employment hierarchy within OneAsia?

What do chinese think of the expanding golf industry?


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